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Pharmacy Technician OSPE In Class Course

Pharmacy Technician OSPE In Class Course




Pharmacy PREP OSPE in-class course consist of five weeks study plan once week for 5 hours which allow students to learn all aspects of OSPE. The time is divided equally among all competencies of OSPE tests interactive stations role plays and non interactive, prescription error check, dispensing error check; compounding, sterile preparation, device demonstration multimedia, medication administration record check, blister pack check, and chemotherapy dose calculations.

Pharmacy PREP gives you the greatest training and teaches you the perfect balance of communication and problem solving skills by our outstanding team of pharmacist and pharmacy technicians to succeed.  Since beginning of OSPE for pharmacy technician exams in Canada, we have helped several hundreds of students to succeed.

The pharmacy PREP courses 99% are referred by the our previous students. We do not advertise with “ad words”.  Here are the reasons, why because? Our course gets you the real success.


Why pharmacy Prep OSPE Course ?

Pharmacy PREP OSPE course teaches you how to apply standardized four strep approach (interactive communication skills, hands-on practice on non-interactive, and improving overall outcome by simulations) to various case scenarios.

  1. Teaches you Communication Skills (SKILL) for interactive station of OSPE
  2. Hands-on training on Non interactive Problem Solving Skills
  3. Pharmacy PREP proprietary exam prep station provides you online interactive component and you can print off sheet to physically practice or fill in your answers online, then see your outcomes.
  4. Overall outcome incorporating all areas of Competencies that covers in OSPE

pharmacy Prep OSPE Study Plan

Pharmacy PREP OSPE course study plan aid in student organization of smart study. Plan comprise of 5 weeks program and weekly 5 hour lesson in-class training will be live stream to online students. For details of 5 weeks agenda please login in our exam prep station.

Pharmacy Prep Interactive Stations

Pharmacy PREP OSPE cases are provided online. You role play the case and compare with actual video of case as reference check list and grade your outcome.


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