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Hi Dr Misbah,

Hope this email finds you well. Sorry I am emailing you late, I just wanted to thank you for the EE course and the amazing books you provided for the exam preparation. I passed with P0 score even though the exam was very hard as you may have heard by now. 5 other students that were with me in the weekend class also passed, 4 with a P0 score.


Many thanks and wishing you all the best,


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Hi. Dr. Misbah

My name is Kruti Desai, I attended your In class lectures for the EE exam. I am happy to share that I passed the exam with a P0 Score.


I am entirely thankful to you and all the material you provided. I surely passed as a result of it. The test and the question bank were also very helpful.


Thank you for your constant encouragement and patience in answering my questions and throughout the learning process.


Thanking you once again



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