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  1. Steps to becoming a licensed pharmacist STEP 0: Enroll in “Pharmacist Gateway” visit http://www.pharmacistsgatewaycanada.ca STEP 1: DOCUMENT EVALUATION – You must have your educational and professional credentials evaluated and must pass this step. STEP 2: THE PHARMACIST EVALUATING EXAMINATION – This is a 2 day exam that is held every January and July. You must pass this exam to be able to write Pharmacist Qualifying Examination – Parts I and II. STEP 3: THE PHARMACIST QUALIFYING EXAMINATION, PART I (MCQ) and PART II (OSCE) When you reach this level you can choose to write both exams or write one at a time. These exams are held every May and November Additional Steps Jurisprudence This is an entry-to-practice requirement that tests your knowledge and understanding of the laws, regulations, College by-laws, and practice standards and guidelines that govern the pharmacist profession in Ontario. The examination is offered four times per year in February, May, August and November.
  2. Below are the most commonly used references when preparing for Pharmacy Exam Prep. RxTx - https://www.e-therapeutics.ca/login?auth=fail CTC7, CTMA, CPS , http://www.pharmacists.ca/allaccess NAPRA http://www.napra.ca/pages/home/default.aspx Health Canada http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/index-eng.php Travel Canada https://travel.gc.ca/ Good luck with your Studies
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