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Annalyn Rivero
Dear Dr. Misbah. I would like to inform you that I have passed the winter evaluating examination 2015. Thank you so much I am so greatfull for your help. It is indeed a great blessing having enrolled in your class. Looking forward to see you again on the Qualifying Examination Review. Again, thank you doctor Misbah. God bless you always.
Dear Dr Misbah Just got results this morning and with Gods help and your materials I have managed to pass my evaluation exam. Thank you for extending online access (exam prep station) as well . All the best.
Sunil Vemula
Good day. I am Sunil Vemula. I passed MCQ. Very thankfull for your class, discussion, mock exam and your guidence. I quit my full time job and studied for 3 months completely, that time I was vey sad that I quit my job. But now i am very happy that I passed my exam.
Suneeta 08-07-2014
Dear Sir, I have passed my MCQ. Thank you for your consistent support, guidance and inspiration .Once again thank you for all you have done.warm regards. suneeta
Spandana 08-07-2014
Thank you so much sir, I pass my MCQ exams. Spandana
Jaimin patel 09-07-2014
This is Jaimin patel. I was enrolled with you for mcq and osce preparations at Mississauga location. I am glad to say that I have cleared my both exams in FIRST ATTEMPT and it was great help from your team specially OSCE from vinit. Thank you so much for everything. Jaimin
Laura Arus-Pampin 09-07-2014
So happy to let you know I passed my MCQ test - have now passed all PEBC tests and am registered in PEBC. Next step is training. Your review course was instrumental in helping me pass - I am so happy that I decided to take it. Thank you and all the best. Laura Arus-Pampin.
Monica 15-07-2014
Good morning.
I cleared my OSCE and I wanted to give a big thanks to you. I had lost all hope of coming back to the pharmacy field years ago and had no clue when I first signed up for your classes…. And here I am, 2 years down the road, with Evaluating, MCQ and OSCE cleared and done with, along with a full time job and being a full time mom and I feel a lot more peaceful and relieved today and without doubt, I sincerely owe this all to you and your persistent encouragement and kind words and of course your tonnes of patience which I wish I have one day. In my case, your classes and mock exams were almost everything that I did before each exam and today I can say for sure that “attending the class” and “just highlighting” indeed makes students pass!! So a very big thanks for you and Vinit again. With warm regards. Monica.
Pratik Dave 03-08-2014
Hi Dr.Misbah,
I passed my Evaluating Exam in July'14. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and support. I am really glad to have your guidance to pass my exams.
Thank you very much.
Pratik Dave
Varun 19-12-2014
hello Sir This is varun, here, Today I passed my MCQ exam and I believe it would not have been possible if you were not such a nice mentor. I thank you from the bottom of my heart sir.
Anna Varshavsky 25-01-2007
Hello Dr.Misbah,
This is Anna from weekly MCQ- class. I'm happy to inform you that I successfully passed MCQ- Part I exam. Thanks a lot for your help, materials and advise! BTW. Could you send me the dates when you resume OSCE class? m interested in Sunday class (it starts on January 29, right?). I am looking forward to hear from your.
Sara Alhamami 19-12-2013
Dear Dr. Mosbah
Thank you so much, I am speechless. I have No things to say, just you are amazing dr. You made father dream come true. I passed my MCQ.
sara alhamami sent from iphone.
Prasanth 20-12-2013
Dear Dr, Misbah & Team
I am pleased to inform you I passed the OSCE. I would like to thank you and your team for ALL SUPPORT AND GUIDENCE which has contributed my success.
JANUARY 2013 -------------------------EVALUATING EXAM
MAY 2013----------------------------------MCQ EXAM
NOVEMBER 2013----------------------OSCE
I was with your coaching throughout this time and NEVER JOINED ANY OTHER COACHING. I am sure like me many other students will benefit from you and your team
Best wishes
Paramvir Singh Ball 20-12-2013
Hello Dr. Misbah
Thank you very very much for giving me the success. (as you said real success) in MCQ-I exam. Again I am sharing my happiness, with you because your valuable tips, guidance, encouragement, patience and kindness and enthuciasm to me.
Paramvir Singh Ball
Dhara Patel 17-07-2013
Hi misba sir, I am please to inform you that I passed my both qualifying exams part 1 and 2 in this May 2013. It was really great help from you and Vinit for me. I am really thankful to you and all of your staff.
Dhara Patel
Prasanth Rajashekera 17-07-2013
Dear Dr. Misbah,
Very happy to inform you that I passed the May 2013 MCQ exam. Please accept my sincere thanks for all your support and guidance throughout the exam preparation. Looking forward to meet you soon. Prasanth Rajashekera
Vishal Fumtiwala 17-07-2013
Hello Sir,
This is Vishal Fumtiwala. Hope you are doing good sir. I am very very happy and feeling too good right now to inform you that I passed both my exams MCQ Part 1 and 2. I feel so good and like on top of the world. :) I have no words to explain and I feel so great that I was a part of your coaching.I really thank you very much for all your efforts that you put into the teaching for each exam. I heartily Thank the whole staff for everything. As you said, Hard work pays off and it did. I feel, this was so fast for me to become a Pharmacist in here as I passed my EE in Jan '13 and in May I cleared both the exams. So it was too quick and it's all because of your method of teaching, your great nature which everytime pumped self confidence in me and I never looked back. People said, I should be taking few more lessons from other classes apart from you for OSCE. But No, I chose only Pharmacyprep for all of my exams and i should say, WE MADE IT.
Irfan Patel 17-07-2013
Hi! This is Irfan patel, I am so glad to inform you that with the grace of almighty Allah I passed MCQ May-2013 exam.
Thank you Misbah sir!!
Disha Patel 17-07-2013
Hello Dr. Misbah,
My name is Disha Patel.I have passed MCQ successfully in first attempt, I wouldn’t be able to make it without your guidance. Classes were very interactive and the updated knowledge provided by you was the key point of my success . Now , I wish I will get the same guidance for OSCE too ! I would like to know the classes schedule and the mock test schedule for OSCE Nov 2013. Once again , thank you so much for guiding me towards such a great success .
Mital Shah 02-01-2013
Hi Dr. Misbah
I am extremely overjoyed and excited to let you know that I’ve cleared my MCQ Exam. You've been a solid foundation and your continues motivation and exceptional positivness have been truly very helpful. Thank you very much for believing in me and let me attend your classes. I will definitely and come and see you next time I am in Toronto.
Thank you
Mital Shah
Reepal Patel 20-12-2012
Hello Dr. Misbah, I am pleased to tell you that i cleared both of qualifying exams MCQ and OSCE in first attempt. I would like to say that its because of your great help along with my hardwork,also Vinit sir help us great in osce. I would like give salute to you and all your team. Don't have any words to say but i will come at pharmacy PREP when ever i will come TORONTO.Thank you so much once again. Reepal patel
Shariat Ullah 20-12-2012
Hi Misbah, this is shariat Ullah. I passed both MCQ + OSCE. Please inform vinit aswell. Thank you all.
Shariat ullah
Pinal Patel 20-12-2012
Hello Sir, How are you.. I am so glad to say you that I have passed MCQ part 1 and all credit goes to you.. sir.. Now I want to know all the information about osce classess..
pinal patel
Krunal Tamakuwala 20-12-2012
Dear Misbah sir, I have cleared MCQ part 1.
Krunal Tamakuwala
Meera 21-12-2012
Dear sir, I am Meera Eliza Jose. I had attended your QE MCQ preparation classess and appeared the exam in November 2012. By god's blessing and with the help of your support and "tips" I could pass the exam in first attempt, thank you so much.
Hansa 23-12-2012
Hello Misbah Sir I have the pleasure to announce that I have successfully passed my MCQ exam. This has all been possible with your help. Thank you very much for all the effort that you put on us.
A. H. Rahim 23-12-2012
Dear Dr. Biabani,
This is Hameed from England.....Just wanted to thank you for your help, advise and the information I have passed my MCQ exam this time and planning to give my OSCE in Nov 2013 hopefully....and I would need your help in that too please. Also would it be possible if I could please have the email address of Mr. Vinit so I could get some advise and prepare for it in more debt.....Thank you sooooo much once again.
A. H. Rahim
Kaushik Patel 15-07-2012
Respected Misbah,
Thank you for your support. I passed MCQ exam in may 2012 and I want to look forward to you. so can you tell me when will your OSCE class start at Mississauga.?
Thanks again.
Kaushik Patel
Enas Shehab Eldin 15-07-2012
Dear Sir, Enas Shehab Eldin from Ottawa has passed the qualifying exam part one, thanks to God , she studied your home course in QE part one , it was very helpful , please let us know long course of OSCE in either Toronto or Mississauga campus , we need to know your starting day ?
our best regards to Dr Misbah.
Cherry 17-07-2012
Hello Dr. Biabani,
My name is cherry your students in MCQ and OSCE class 2012. I am very pleased to tell you that I am a pharmacist now, and as I was just waiting to my QE exams and I passed. I am very thankful fo help.
Vinit Patel 25-07-2012
Hi sir, I passed MCQ exam. I would like to thank you for all your support and inspiration.thank you,
-- Vinit Patel, Regina, Saskatchewan
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