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Pharmacy Qualifying Exams Part II (OSCE)
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Pharmacy Prep OSCE course is the most comprehensive OSCE prep course in Canada. As we are 100% committed to your success. To keep you on track, we give you more practice tests and practice stations than any other prep company. You get 12 x 5 hours lectures, each followed by a 2 Full simulated exams and feedback of your performance. Our format will keep you energized, focused and familiarize you how quickly decipher and successfully pass your exam.
  • Weekly for 12 x 5 hours lectures
  • Mock Tests with full 16 stations (2 full simulated exams)
  • Non-Interactive tests
  • OSCE - a step-by-step review guide
  • Included in the course is 1 full day of simulated OSCE mock exam
  • held at the Michener Institute a real OSCE test center
Every student knows that if you go into an exam unprepared, you'll crash and burn. To be successful in OSCE you must do well on this difficult and gruelling exam. If you're prepared by the experienced people like Pharmacy prep pharmacists will teach everything you need to excel.

Pharmacy Prep OSCE Simulated MOCK Exams held at Michener Institute
  • OSCE MOCK exam 1 September 27,2015 (FULL)
  • OSCE MOCK exam 2 October 23, 2015 (FULL)
  • OSCE MOCK exam 3 October 24, 2015 (FULL)
  • OSCE MOCK exam 4 October 25, 2015 (FULL)

If you would like to participate in our OSCE simulated mock exams but you are not a student a registered student in our long term OSCE program. You may still participate fees are $690+tax per day for those who would like to participate but are not registered in our long term OSCE course.

For students registered in our OSCE long term course each additional day is $490+tax. (remember one day is included in the long term course fees)

A Glimpse of Videos from OSCE Course
Sample OSCE Scenario
Sample OSCE Scenario
Sample OSCE Scenario
Sample OSCE Scenario
Sample OSCE Scenario
Sample OSCE Scenario
Sample OSCE Scenario
Sample OSCE Scenario
What makes Pharmacy Prep Standout and special?

Sure there are lots of OSCE tutors to help you. " WE HAVE THE BEST TEAM" . Only the best pharmacists work for us. They're what really set us apart. If you're serious about getting success, you need that extra edge. You need pharmacy prep. You get everything from pharmacy prep to get real success.

Unlike other study services, we sharpen your problem-solving skills. We have over 1000 practice station in our data base. Each student practice many role plays by time limit of 7 min under the supervision of pharmacist . There's no better way to prepare.

What is the secret of your success?

We give 100% commitment to student success.  One of the major challenges of this set-up is the strict time limit for each station; therefore, practice under timed circumstances is important. Once you have completed the initial phase of preparation, try addressing scenarios that you have not seen before within the seven minute total time allowed by a typical station.

Course structures

As with we have longest experience in OSCE training over the time we have developed unique structure of our preparation and Pharmacy prep offers OSCE long term courses (name " MUST PASS") and short course (name " SUPER CRASH").

What is structure of long time course "MUST PASS"?

Course Schedule:

*Starting dates: call: 416-223-7737 or e-mail: pharmacyprep@hotmail.com

Toronto Campus   (5460 Yonge St. Suite 209, Toronto, ON M2N 6K7)
Start Date: February 14, 2016
  • OSCE Training: Sunday 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Mississauga/Brampton Campus (7900 Hurontario St. Unit 3 Brampton, ON L6Y 0P6)
Start Date: February 18, 2016
  • OSCE Training: Thursday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Enroll & Payment or for more information about the course Contact
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