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Heartiest congratulations you success in June 2021 evaluating exams. Wishing you the great success in you future qualifying MCQ and OSCE exams and we at pharmacy prep offer the best preparations.


Here are the few testimonials..

Dear Dr. Misbah,

I am very pleased to inform you that I was successful in the evaluating exam of June2021.It was very difficult and I had not expected to pass. But by God's grace and your guidance I passed it.

Thank you very much for the guidance and help that you provided.

God bless you.


Best regards,

Rasmi Gopinath

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Hello Mr. Misbah

How are you?Hope everything is going well for you.

My name is Dana Alkhardaji. I was one of your students. I took all the courses with you. I just want to let you know that I finished the IPG program , jurisprudence exam and just received my injection training. I am planning to volunteer in a pharmacy to prepare for the PACE and then become a registered pharmacist.Your courses where really helpful not only to PEBC exam but for all the above.

Thank you for everything

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Question: Good day ,

i really would like to thank you for your EE Question bank ,it helped me alot to pass my EE . i appreciate if you provide me with some information concerning MCQ online Course either digital or physical book ,since i am living currently in Germany ,munich ,if i apply for this online course do i also get the physyical books? and in case of digital books ,do i also have access to the online Q bank?thank you so much .

Best Regards


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