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Found 1 result

  1. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose Pharmacy Prep for your pharmacy exam preparations. 10. Pharmacy prep can help you provide solutions as to how you can improve based on what was done poorly in previous exams and what needs to be done well to get better results in the next exam. 9. Consistently delivering success for the past 19 years and pioneers in pharmacy exam preparation in Canada. 8. Pharmacy preps award winning instructors will give more classroom time than all competitors combined. 7. Pharmacy prep has advantage of offering weekly multiple groups so you students can select courses with the most convenient times for your schedule. 6. Pharmacy prep comprehensive study books and question bank are the perfect complement to our expert led classes. 5. Pharmacy prep team ensures continuity of support to students’ preparation and assessing their readiness for their exams. 4. An engaging lecture on the key concepts is followed by simulated computer-based exams or MOCK exam and instructor led review of the exam. 3. Proprietary question bank consist of thousands of questions with explanations and tips of time management and strategies in solving difficult questions. 2. Get primed for class by reading review books divided into chapters covering the syllabus content which helps you to excel in the exam. 1. Pharmacy prep courses are the only courses that teach you comprehensive and in-depth information to get real success.
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