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Found 1 result

  1. I am glad to share my thoughts. It is worth and rewarding to have to work as licensed pharmacist in Canada. The canadian pharmacist have social respect and financially well paid. So, the first step in planning for licence is to contact www.pebc,ca for document evaluation. The Pharmacy Examination Board of Canada (PEBC)* is the official agency that evaluate your documents and organize licensing exams. Their website is www.pebc.ca Meantime continue followup and keep working for document evaluation and application for the exam and than start preparation for exams. I highly recommend to choose www.pharmacyprep.com. The Misbah Institute. This place has been pioneer in prep courses in Canada and since completely committed to students success. I am confidant you will highly appreciate. I have seem mistakenly choosing various other places. There were huge disappointments and waste of time. Please make do deligent home work before you start preparation. There are thousands of successful students have participated in Misbah classes and got their success. Once your here you will now how to get this done till you get licence. Yours truly *Pharmacy Prep or TIPS Inc is NOT affliated with PEBC.
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